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filmblok (totaal +/- 65 minuten):

Ivan de spitsboef ( super8, 40'00'', 1998)

Nooit me^ah slapen (video/super8, 06'00'', 2000)  

Souvenir uit Afrika (super8, 07'15'', 2002)                        

Elefanten Boots (super8, 12'15'', 2005)                          

(friday 20:30 - monday 20:00)

Caviadisco (video, 30'00'', 2002) (doorlopende vertoning op monitor)





I.Birkhan & B. Dhellemmes (aus/bel):

( sunday - monday)


- M.Hardeman (nl) www.zingendoog.com :

- Kyrie Eleison - 3:55. Two renaissance angels - man and woman - decide to become one in the flesh in a quite peculiar way, while in the background an orthodox priest begs forgiveness for the sins of the world
(friday - saturday)

- Caress - 7:12. A metaphorical expression of loneliness, rage and unfulfilled longing. A twisted lullaby acts as background to a world inhabited by feelings of misplaced tenderness, crawling around as insects lost on a surface of human skin (monday - tuesday)

- R. Wilberforce (uk) www.rachelwilberforce.com/:

- Sponsored Hijack - 5:00. A meditation on current political and cultural climate with particular focus on the unrest that exists between east &west. It represents the physical,mental and emotional fallout induced as a result of mass media bombardment, political propaganda, government, religious tensions, human rights violations, war & terrorism (friday - saturday)

- N.Frigo (usa):

- First Ladies -1:30. News footage that was originally focused on the presidents of the United States. The constricted view of the camera is highlighted, with the footage changed only by shifting the picture frame. The hegemonic narrative bolstered by the news media is transferred to form a new account of history. By altering the composition of the film sligthly in one direction, First Ladies addresses unnoticed alternate histories, which are disregarded because of implicit cultural structures (monday - tuesday)

- November 22,1963 - 0:26. The Zapruder footage of the John Kennedy assassination is altered by removing JFK from each frame. the film as originally shown was a defining collective moment presented by the news media; Americans' experience of this event was /is almost solely through television. Interestingly, the original footage was corrupted before it was released to the public(frames missing or destroyed, parts of the footage cropped). What did the untampered footage reveal? How did modifying the original footage adjust our experience, consiousness and memory of the event? The manipulation of the footage changed not only the experience, but the assassination-in-itself is forever altered. Subsequently, if November 22,1963 were shown instead of the originally aired Zapruder footage, our collective mediated memory would not be of John F. Kennedy's assassination, but of Jacqueline Kennedy's car ride in Dallas, precluding our experience of the JFK assassination (friday - saturday)

- J.G.Periot (france):

- 21.04.02 - 10:00 (friday - saturday)

- UNDO - 10:00 (friday - saturday)

- Dies Irae - 10:00 ( sunday - tuesday)

- Even if she had been a criminal....- 9:00 ( monday - tuesday)

- Parades Amoureuses - 1:00 ( sunday - tuesday)

- gay - 1:00 (sunday - tuesday)

- before i was sad - 2:00 (monday - tuesday)

- M. Paganini (brasil):

- Interatividade - is a no budget, experimental short movie, influenced by the punk attitude "Do it yourself", by Brazilian film maker Glauber Rocha ("One idea in the head and one camera in the hand"), by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze ("Difference and repetition"), where, for many people, no cinema at all is possible, at the VJing frontier, since it pictures improvisations of a camera plugged to a television, filming the television screen, along with a 17 min 15 s guitar improvisation track… Marcelo Paganini plays its camera like it was a guitar… Every image that appears results from transformations of the word REC, obtained by varying the angle of approach between the camera and the television screen… Fractal, chaotic images, created without the help of a computer, what Marcelo Paganini was after was the interactivity between image and music… Selected by the 5th Belo Horizonte TIM Short Film Festival in Brazil in September 2003, the movie was acclaimed by the most part of the public, but provoked  a polemic with one movie critic who urged to "burn Interatividade"… Not so bad, for a movie which does not talk about politics, sex, violence or religion, in these "blasé" times where people do not react anymore to anything… (sunday - tuesday)

- K.Griffith (germany/canada):

- MARKER - 7:35. A filmmaker reveals her path to a mysterious urban artist who doesn't wish to be seen in her documentary.
with a mix of media and genres,MARKER is an expedition into the mentality of anonymous artists and graffiti culture in Canada's capital (friday - saturday)

T.Fleisch (dld):

- KOSMOS - 5:11.the mystery of the crystals under closer examination. what is it that makes them possess magic powers as claimed by mystics thoruogh the ages? by growing crystals directly on film their mystical qualities shine straight to the screeen. unfiltered, only aided by light which gracefully breaks its rays into rich visual textures (friday - saturday)

- GESTALT - 5:00. 4-dimensional quaternionic fractals are visualized by projecting them into 3-dimensional space. instead of modeling objects or scenes of human imagination I tried to experiment with the visualization of pure mathematics. for this computeranimation only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^p-c) were changed. it took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula. another year was needed to render the sequences which I wanted to use to actually work with the means used to describe the fabrics of our space and universe in modern science fascinated me. in the days of pythagoras science with math and geometry in particular held great mystical qualities. pythagoras even formed a sect, the pythagorean order to spread his belief in science (sunday - tuesday)

- J.Merrell (usa):

- CORNER- & -PIER&BEACH- part of an installation
or Corner-Fire-Pier & beach-Drive as a video installation
the 4 pieces are very different stylistically, but are united in the sense that,in each,the visual structure of the original material is altered to reveal or imply things about the time & space depicted. Also, in different ways, the videos reveal certain technical characteristics and limitations of the video medium itself. I wanted the changes in structure to be immediately apparent, as an understanding of what has been done to the original images and footage is essential. (monday - tuesday)

- 80juan80 (finland):

-SWING- (friday - saturday)

-SEVENTIES STORY- (friday - saturday)

- P.Ritt (nl):

- ENTER-6:45 (friday - saturday)

- T. Blake (uk):

-US & THEM- 2:14. A film with George Galloway about the divisions between Muslims & Christians, east & west... (friday - saturday)

- WERELDMEIDEN, camera/montage R.Prager (nl):

- Zilah -

- Habibi -

- The Choises -

- Babygirl -

(saturday - sunday)

- J.Newman (usa):

-THE DREAM - 1:00. A sleeping vision becomes narrative. Patterns of light and variations in pacing suggest an evolution in perception. (sunday - tuesday)

- M. McLeod (usa):

- retail reconstruction - 5:00 (friday - saturday)

- S.C. Powers (usa):

- Las Hijas De Endor - 7:00. A tragic tale of three daughters (friday - saturday)

- Magic Mountain - 3:35. A music video for artist Matt Howell (friday - saturday)

- Little Mary - 4:51. Is about a marionette's emotions (monday - tuesday)

- R. Land (usa):

- The Biddie Camps - 5:00 (monday - tuesday)

- Oil Derric - 6 :00 (friday - saturday)

- Betty Creek - 5 :00. A film constructed of material collected from a location in Southern Appalachian Mountains. Various items such as dirt, plant life, ausio and time lapse images of its nightlife have been gathered and applied to the celluloid using numerous methods in order to provide a projected sense of the Betty Creek environment (friday - saturday)

- Elaine Drive - 6:00. An abstract exercise, which explores my anxiety involving the concept of infinity. this notion has haunted me since early chilhood growing up on Elaine Drive and its surrounding neighborhood. The impression developed in this environment help form my perceptions of this existential predicament. The images of Elaine Drive are organized to flit much like a stream of conscious motion in order to summon the experiences felt when dealing with this boggled idea of infinity (sunday - tuesday)

- Jung-Chul Hur (Korea):

- ENTRANCE - 7:06. The footage in this film comes from one of the ancient captital cities in Thailand called Ayutthaya. the place is well known for ancient ruins and its historical tragedy, an invasion by the Burmese in the age of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. The image in this film creates a kind of Rorschach test for the viewer.
Phantom images immerge from the patterns created by the reflected source material and figures sometimes mysteriously appear from behind mirrored image.
The ENTRANCE is not just an entrance to the past but also an entrance to the viewers mind (monday - tuesday)

- G. Silberstein (israel):

- SELF-DETERMINATION#3 - an experimental video project, 12 :00 (sunday - tuesday)

- LAYERS OF COGNITION - 5:07 (friday - saturday)

- R. Seslow (usa):

-EXPRESSION CITY - 2:35. Movement flows, metaphors run wild, where do you fit in? context and content (friday - saturday)

- TK- 5:45. The artist tries to capture te non-physical essence of a single idea (monday - tuesday)

-Anti-Delusion Mechanism :

-MASKER - 21:00 (saturday - sunday)