We live in a world where financial, technological or social performance is more important than a natural balance, a balance with nature. Because of the adopted paradigm we live in – a rational and moralistic way of thinking, based on the philosophy of science, left brain oriented, in which we mainly identify with concepts and reactive actions – we and the earth are exhausted.

Sara Nuytemans believes that if we could focus more on our inner consciousness; on the holistic philosophy, oriented by the right hemisphere, on empathy and creativity – we have many more opportunities to find solutions and be able to influence nature in a balanced way.

Nuytemans her work stems from observations of how people interact with the world. What emotions and needs are there behind our actions? Can we make more conscious choices if we have more contact with the origins of our motivations? Can holistic ‘being’ support dualistic thinking? And vice versa? These are some fundamental questions that arise from her work.

Nuytemans is a Belgian artist, who lives in the Netherlands has traveled extensively and lived in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for five years from 2012-2017. Because of these experiences she has found that people often deal with situations in a similar way. Although each person appropriates certain strategies – often supported by the culture present – the underlying motivations and needs are the same for everyone, regardless of culture, race or gender. Needs such as; appreciation, being of significance, respect, hope, connection, choice, safety, etc. Yet we are often not aware of our underlying motivations, as a result of which our actions / strategies are intrinsically reactive.

Sara Nuytemans is technically savvy and her work is often structured with kinetic and / or interactive elements.
Out of a great curiosity about the reason behind the human actions and reactions she has become fascinated in recent years by the Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s developed doctrine, the ‘Nonviolent Communication’ that has strongly influenced her work in recent years.